Episode 15: Been Away SO Long

Steampunk After Dark is the sleazy little brother to The Clockwork Cabaret. It’s an adult-themed music podcast hosted by the (dis)honourable Lord D. Attercop. Join him, and his occasional guests for a show about adult beverages, adult situations, bawdy language, bohemian chic and anachronistic songs about saucy subjects.

05.01.18 playlist:

  • Acoustix - When It Comes To Loving The Girls (I'm Away Ahead Of The Times)/ They're All Sweeties
  • Ute Lemper - The Part You Throw Away
  • Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys - Where Have You Gone?
  • Insomniac Folklore - Ran Away
  • Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship? - Gone Is Gone
  • Janet Klein - My Wife Went Away
  • Lost Dog Street Band - Can't Get Away from Yourself
  • Unextraordinary Gentlemen - Long Time Gone
  • Devil Doll - The One Who Got Away
  • Tom Waits - God's Away On Business
  • April Smith and the Great Picture Show - The One That Got Away
  • David Bowie - I Can't Give Everything Away
  • The Two Man Gentlemen Band - My Other Half Is Gone
  • Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon - Where Are We Gonna Work (When the Trees Are Gone?)
  • Pha Terrell with Andy Kirk & His Twelve Clouds Of Joy - All The Jive Is Gone
  • The Velveteen Band - Up, Up and Away

Hosted by Lord Attercop
Sponsor: Devil's Island
Theme music by I.M.P. Hopper
Produced by Agony Aunt Studios
Logo: Emmett Davenport

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