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Fortunalia! – an event to celebrate luck, prosperity, and plenty

ALL are welcome! - ritual, games of chance, prizes cocktails, conversation, live DJ, tarot card readings, costumes, magic

facilitated by Bull Moon Hearth
sponsored by the Triangle Area Pagan Alliance

Saturday, June 23
Arcana, Durham
Arcana's doors open at 5pm
introductions at 6pm, ritual and games of chance following
9pm - super special guest DJ Emmett Davenport! join us for conversation and cocktails
Arcana, Durham

In the brightest days of summer, with the promise of abundance around us, we look forward to all the good things Fortune can bring. Come celebrate with ritual, games of chance, and some good-luck magic on the festival of Fors Fortuna - she who brings luck, prosperity and plenty!

Sponsored by the Triangle Area Pagan Alliance, Bull Moon Hearth presents their annual Fortunalia, designed to honor Fors Fortuna (“She Who Brings”) for her traditional festival. We’ll make offerings to Fortuna and other patrons of good luck, then ask their blessings on us. In keeping with traditional festivities, we’ll also have games of chance - with the opportunity to win prizes! We’ll wrap up our work with knot magic designed to bind up some of our good luck and carry it home, to be released throughout the year, whenever we need it most. Then, we celebrate!

We’ll gather at 6pm for greetings, a pre-ritual briefing, and a discussion of Fortuna. Ritual and games of chance following. After the festivities, join us for conversation, cocktails, and music from a live DJ.

Presented in a style of Roman polytheism, the ritual is based in the tradition of ADF Druidry. However, it’s intended for people of all traditions and paths, and all are welcome. The ritual will include opportunities for participants to make offerings to other supportive Ancestors, Spirits, or Deities if they choose, as well as a chance to make their own, personal offerings to Fortuna. Some offerings will be provided, or participants can bring their own. 

It’s Fortunalia, so indulge in the festivities! This is your chance to dress up in your favorite Roman-inspired garb and attire – bring out your laurels and your glitter and your gold, your costumes that make you think of solar flares and Roman Bacchanals, or majestic robes and headpieces. (That is to say, costumes/garb encouraged but not at all required.)

$5-$10 suggested donation. Tokens will be provided for the games of chance, but please bring cash to purchase additional tokens. If you would like to donate to TAPA or sponsor this event, thank you so much for your support and please message us so we can coordinate with you. Also, tip your bartenders generously. Arcana has taken good care of us for many years and we love them.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Bull Moon Hearth

Triangle Area Pagan Alliance


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That Darling DJ Duo at ConCarolinas 2018
to Jun 3

That Darling DJ Duo at ConCarolinas 2018

We will be attending ConCarolinas 2018 in Charlotte, NC! Come find us & say hello.

That Darling DJ Duo is the high-energy tag-team, Emmett Davenport and Lady Attercop. One part frustrated Vaudevillians searching for a stage, and one part 80s era rockers with too much hairspray and not enough adult supervision, they spin an eclectic mix of everything from torch songs, swing, indie, electronic, punk, funk, 80s new wave, neo-vintage, and neo-folk to good old fashioned favorites. They will get your rump thumping and your blood pumping.

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The Clockwork Cabaret Fall Pledge Drive 2017
to Oct 22

The Clockwork Cabaret Fall Pledge Drive 2017

Join that darling DJ duo, Emmett Davenport and Lady Attercop, as well as, Mister Ducky, as they try and reach a modest goal of $100 a month on Patreon, to help cover all their podcasting costs.

They will be livestreaming via Periscope and Youtube from 8pm on Saturday, October 21st to 8am Sunday morning... or until they die of exhaustion.

Can't wait 'til then to donate? Just head to

For more up to date information, follow them on twitter...
@emmettdavenport, @ladyattercop or @clockwrkcabaret

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DragonCon Burlesque: A Glamour Geek Revue 2017
to Sep 3

DragonCon Burlesque: A Glamour Geek Revue 2017

Please Note: 
-The show is in the Sheraton this year!
-Auditions for this show have closed.
-Admission to the show is free with your DragonCon pass. 
- The show is at 11:59pm Saturday night, or Midnight Sunday Morning if you want to get technical about it :)

Talloolah Love has done it once again! She's so very happy to bring you yet another year of gobs of glorious geeky glamour! Rolling into her sixth year producing The Glamour Geek Revue at DragonCon, Talloolah Love has been working her fingers to the bone to bring you a fabulous line up this year! 

Featuring performances by:

Candybox Revue
Tittiana Sprinkles
Nikki Nuke'm
Black Mariah
Remy Dee
Phoebe Nyx
Shan De Leers
Silver Kitsune
Lola Lesoleil
Ariel Allegro
Jo'Rie Tigerlily
Minnie Ryder

Hosted by Talloolah Love, Music provided by Emmett Davenport


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The Tin Ear Salon
8:30 PM20:30

The Tin Ear Salon

The Tin Ear Salon is a gathering of steampunk and neo-vintage musicians and music lovers, held to amuse, refine tastes and increase knowledge through conversation. Featuring members of Frenchy and the Punk, Crystal Bright & the Silver Hands, Valentine Wolfe, Marquis of Vaudeville, and the Nathaniel Johnstone Band. WARNING: Hijinks will ensue.

Moderators: Lady Attercop and Emmett Davenport

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The Great Hair, Beard, and Moustache Competition
5:30 PM17:30

The Great Hair, Beard, and Moustache Competition

A competitive bout between hirsute Victorians of all stylings. Compete to win for best Hairstyle, Moustache, Partial or Full Beard by a panel of judges. All beards, mustaches, and great hair welcomed.

SIgn up here:

Special thanks to That Darling DJ Duo for providing these beautifully explained rules & regulations:

"There are five categories for the contest... 
* Best Moustache: naturally grown moustache, no more than 1-1.5 inches, all lengths and styles eligible (may be styled, with or without aides)
* Best Facial Hair: facial hair grown on the sides of the face, extending from the hairline to below the ears and worn with an unbearded chin (may be styled, with or without aides)
* Best Beard: all lengths and styles eligible (may be styled with or without aides; beards may have accompanying moustaches, which will not be included in the judging)
* Freestyle: This is a free for all category. 
* Best in Show: all contestants are automatically entered into this category
Note: If a category has no entrants at the beginning of the competition, that category shall be removed and no prize given."

Judges: Lady Attercop, Sarah Neathery, and Professor Upsidasium

Moderator: Emmett Davenport

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