Episode 459: #LizardTruth

Hello sweeties! Once again, I have only one thing to say about this week's episode... I'm sorry. - Poppy, the clockwork assistant

01.19.18 playlist:

  • Jolie Holland - Crazy Dreams

  • Tori Amos - Real Men

  • Neko Case - Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth

  • April Smith and the Great Picture Show - Bright White Jackets

  • Miss Mamie Lavona the Exotic Mulatta and her White Boy Band - The Sun Can't Keep a Secret

  • Harlequin Jones - Truth Be Told

  • Tally Hall - Hidden In the Sand

  • Queen - Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon

  • Electric Guest - This Head I Hold

  • Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer - Youth, Truth, Gin, Vermouth

  • Nouvelle Vague & Martin L. Gore - Master and Servant

  • Tiny Little Bigband - Insane In the Brain

  • The Slow Poisoners - Snakes In Her Hair

  • Blair Crimmins and The Hookers - The Lonesome Truth

  • Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon - Buy My Snake Oil

  • Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys - Conspiracy TV

  • Professor Elemental - Hat Full of Sunshine (feat. Sadie Jemmett)

  • The Magnetic Fields - (Crazy For You But) Not That Crazy

  • Bob's Burgers & Max Greenfield - I Wanna Hear Your Secrets

Logo: David Göbel
Produced by Agony Aunt Studios
Hosted by Emmett Davenport and Lady Attercop
Incidental music: Snakes in the Hall by Blair Crimmins & his Hookers
Theme song by Kyle O'Door
This episode is sponsored by Creature Combat Arena

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