Episode 336: The Good Ship Calpurnia

Hello sweeties,  All I know is that if we get one more bored viscount aboard this airship, I eon't be be held accountable for my actions. Well, I mean, they'll try. - Poppy, the clockwork assistant

01.21.15 playlist:

  • Django Reinhardt - Beyond the Sea (La Mer)

  • Strangely - Airship

  • Mindy Gledhill - California

  • Queen - Seaside Rendezvous

  • Tiger Lillies - Money

  • Squirrel Nut Zippers - Suits Are Picking Up The Bill

  • Alan Cumming - Money

  • The Dead Brothers - Trust In Me

  • The Puppini Sisters - I Can't Believe I'm Not A Millionaire

  • The Unicorns - Sea Ghost

  • The Constellations - Perfect Day

  • Nina Simone - See Line Woman

  • Frank Sinatra & Celeste Holm - Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?

  • Bing Crosby - Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

  • Peggy Lee - Why Don't You Do Right (Get Me Some Money Too)

  • Caravan Of Thieves - Sister Went Missing

  • Vermillion Lies - No Good

  • Pomplamoose - Bust Your Knee Caps

Hosted by Emmett Davenport and Lady Attercop
Theme music by Kyle O'Door
Incidental music: Combustible Edison
Produced by Agony Aunt Studios
Logo: David Göbel

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