In the Kitchen with Emmett: Stark Raving Malbec

First off, I have to admit that I bought this wine purely for the label and the price. It was $7! I mean, even if it's crappy I can cook with it. Besides, I was once told that if you're not a wine collector paying more than $10 for a wine that you're going to drink right away is pretty dumb. Unless, you're trying to impress someone (namely, a date or in-laws) or you're studying to be a Sommelier then, by all means, be all snooty about wine.

Stark Raving Malbec is from Argentina and developed by winemaker John Kane (part of Rosenblum Cellars). These wines are made to gulped or slurped, meant to be simple to drink like grabbing a beer, which explains the screw cap. Honestly, I like the new movement in screw-on caps for wine. I think it keeps the wine fresh longer & encourages me not to drink a whole bottle in one sitting... but, that might just be me.

The label says that this Malbec tastes like berries and smoky bacon. Well I didn’t detect any bacon, but I did notice berries, cherries, and a slight hint of thyme. Overall, I'd say the Stark Raving Malbec was a strong, rich, smooth wine. Perfect for eating with a steak, pizza or if you want to be classy like me, all by its lonesome.