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13 Hillsboro Street, Suite #2
Pittsboro, NC, 27312
United States


All the projects from that darling DJ duo, Emmett Davenport and Lady Attercop!


The Rules of Steampunk Fight Club

Aunty Davenport

The Rules of Steampunk Fight Club

as made up by Emmett & Mingan Davenport

  • 1st rule: You do not talk about STEAMPUNK FIGHT CLUB.
  • 2nd rule: You DO NOT  talk about STEAMPUNK FIGHT CLUB.
  • 3rd rule: If someone says 'tea time', goes limp or doffs cap, the fight is over.
  • 4th rule: Only two steampunks allowed to fight at a time... We're not barbarians.
  • 5th rule: Don't get blood on the boots, ladies & gents, they were expensive.
  • 6th rule: Please don't break my goggles, they're one of a kind (Because I made 'em myself).
  • 7th rule: No vest, no bracers than no fight (Ladies, this means you, too). Because, we're classy.
  • 8th rule: If this is your first night at STEAMPUNK FIGHT CLUB, you bring the snacks.