Secret word of the Day - Carpetbagger

On last week's show we called out to anyone listening to provide us with a noun that we could write an impromptu poem concerning. The wonderful Mister Ducky phoned in to our program and provided us with the word Carpetbagger. Below you will find our poems, written very hastily, and read aloud despite much giggling

Klaude's Acrostic

C - is for Carpet, of which your bag is made.

A - is for A slice of pie: made of lemonade.

R - is for Rayguns, which Klaude likes a lot.

P - is for Pot Pies, best when served hot.

E - is for Everything, that's a good many things.

T - is for Tops, that spins and spins and spins.

B - is for a Bag, to hold all this stuff!

A - is for finding inside A bit of fluff.

G - is for Going places, what carpet bags are for.

G - that's another G, yup, one more.

E - is for packing Each and Every bit.

R - is for Really cramming it in, I do hope it all fits.

That's my Carpetbagger poem, each word from my mouth,

Now close that bag up and let's head on south!


Emmett's Limerick

There once was a Carpetbagger named Ducky,

Who was considered to be quite lucky,

He traveled from town to town,

Buying things for farthings and pounds,

Which was considered to be quite plucky.


Next week, arm yourselves for the same challenge. Bring us your nouns!!