Steampunk Pickup Lines

We had an episode for Valentine’s Day many years ago that was titled Clockwork Hearts. We sadly had technical difficulties that evening and lost the recording but lucky for you, I have just stumbled on the notes for our Steampunk Pickup Lines. Behold them in all their steamy glory!

- Is that a dual action oscillating PF24- 12 in your pocket or are you simply pleased to be making my acquaintance?

- My zeppelin or yours?

- Nice spats, care to join me in a violent invasion of Hamburg?

- I can see our entire future reflected in your goggles.

- Are those aethernaut jodphurs? Because, your caboose is out of this stratosphere!

- You make my heart go clunk clunk cachunk psssssht!

- Pardon me, madam, but I seem to be a little short on cash. Could we share a zeppelin home together?

- Excuse me, but could I have the number at which you accept Marconi-grams? Because, I seem to have lost mine.

- So tell me - how thorough shall I steep your tea in the morning?

- Is that a mechanical arm? It is? So what else is clockwork?

- Gadzooks, milady! Your bustle goes on for a fortnight!

- You know what they say - the bigger the clockwork squid army…

- Does it happen that your father is a sky pirate? Because, he must have stolen the stars to put in your eyes. AND I DEMAND HE RETURN THEM!

- Lovely ensemble. It would look better in a three foot pile of taffeta and whalebone upon my floor.

- Care to come up to my brownstone and have a look at my lithographs?

- Come home with me and I shall show you a WORLD OF TOMORROW!

- Get out of my dreams & get into my giant steam-powered mechanical spider walker.

- Did it hurt when you fell to earth from your airship?