Klaude Davenport's Botched Inventions...

Thanks to the latest in hybrid technology, this week’s show is brought to you from the creaking, mysteriously dripping vaults containing Klaude Davenport’s Botched Inventions, which thanks to their high degree of botchitude, can now be purchased at rock-bottom prices.

Firstly, Klaude Davenport’s Blunderbustle! Giving a new meaning to the term “rear flank”, these high explosive, high fashion accoutrements, first disarm the enemy romantically, then disarm them in actuality. Putting the boom in the zoom-a-boom-boom, it’s Klaude Davenport’s Blunderbustle!

Also from Klaude’s Kitchen, it’s the Pancake Milkshake! Fortified with moleculites, the Pancake Milkshake is delicious, nutritious, and slightly hallucinogenic. Now in blueberry, banana, and sentient.

As always, Klaude Davenport’s failures as an inventor and victories as an unintentional conceptual artist are brought to you by WCOM LP Chapel Hill & Carrboro, which thanks to Klaude, is now powered by the plutonium honey of the deadly ATOM-O-BEE! Buzz buzz kill!

[October 1, 2008]