Kickstarter #1 - Lushington's Lounge Season 2

Have you ever wanted to drink a cocktail made from creme de menthe, lime juice, bitters & gin? Me either. But the Victorians sure did!

Back our Kickstarter to fund Lushington’s Lounge, a vintage cocktail drinking show with puppets!

If you want to drink along with us while watching our Kickstarter video, you can make your very own The Fallen Angel with the recipe below.

2 oz of Gin
1 tsp of Creme de Menthe
Juice from 1/2 a Lime
2 dashes of Bitters

Shake with ice, and serve in a short glass.

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The Steampunk Music Summit panel at DragonCon 2013

The Steampunk Music Summit panel at DragonCon 2013. Get to know some of the Biggest names in Steampunk music. If you missed this one far not! My Time machine is ready to take you there. Here From Unwoman, Robert Brown of Abney Park, Professor Elemental, and Mark Rossmore of Escape the Clouds.

Produced by Pecktec

Hosted by Emmett Davenport (The Clockwork Cabaret) & DJ TeslaRose (Behind the Steam)

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Way back in the early days of The Clockwork Cabaret when we were on the air of the local community radio station, WCOM 103.5 LP-FM, we were interviewed by a documentary film student for a video on steampunk.

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Featuring Jay Cartwright (of Lemming Malloy), Klaude & Emmett Davenport (of the Clockwork Cabaret)