Ladies Who Rant is a humorous podcast featuring loud ladies with opinions about things. SO MANY THINGS. (Not limited to Potatoes, Oprah, Dolphins & etc.)

Ladies Who Rant is a production of Agony Aunt Studios. Hosted by Lady Attercop & Emmett Davenport. Our theme music is ‘Large Lady & Twirling Man’, composed by Hal Goldstein.

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Why should I listen to a couple of ladies rant about various things?

We like to rant. A lot. And it’s pretty funny.

What is your episode posting schedule?

Excellent question! We don’t have one just yet. As we progress, we’ll get on a schedule but right now, it’s simply when the mood strikes us.

We always give a heads-up on Twitter that a show is about to go up.

What do I do between episodes?

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